Friday, June 23, 2017

Porch Living

I think it is fair to say that most Southerners are very fond of their rocking chair front porches if they have one. While it is hot, humid, and pretty uncomfortable we still love whiling away some time on our front porches especially when a little breeze pops up. I wish I had put in overhead fans when we built the house but I didn't see far enough ahead to think of it.

A few years ago we decided to have a new front door and side lights made. Many years ago when we were building the house, 35 years ago, my husband had given me a door with a double paned  oval etching between the glass. The carpenter who was to make our new door told us that they don't make etched glass doors like that any more so it was suggested that he make the door around the oval glass etching. It was sentimental to me since it had been an anniversary gift from my husband so I was in full agreement. We chose to have it made in solid mahogany and the two sidelights we had him make the glass a little taller than the original sidelights. I was extremely pleased with the completed door and was so glad that we had used the glass etching of the door.
A rocking chair front porch should, of course, have rocking chairs. Finessed with seasonal pillows we do indeed love our porch. The lantern is an antique that originally came from New Orleans, I believe that it had been a gas lantern at one time. I keep a candle in it and this year for the first time a bird tried to build a nest in it. It's opened at the top but the nest was not completed so I guess they gave up thinking it might not have been a good spot for a nest.
With ferns, begonia's, and hydrangeas it makes for a pleasant outdoor space to entertain neighbors who just drop by or to just relax. The view is also an integral part of this whole porch "thing".

The view directly in front of the rocking chairs.
I love having garden structures in the garden and I'm a collector of angels.
The view on the opposite side. The crepe myrtle in the center was planted about 17 years ago to commemorate our oldest son getting married and when it blooms it is white.
Needless to say I would have a lot of difficulty leaving our home of 35 years if we ever decided to downsize. This is the home we raised our family.

A porch needs a swing too, I have spent countless hours swinging in this swing with my grand children, lots of special moments. I even remember times when our daughter said good night to her date on this swing, lots of memories.
One of my most favorite times to enjoy our front porch is when it's raining with no lightening. It's such a peaceful time to take out some cool refreshment, reading material and just enjoy the "moment".

Come join me if you can. I'll have some tea ready or how bout a glass of wine and a nibble of something.
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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How time does go by!!!!!

It seems to go by so very quickly these days but oh how I wish I could make it stand still if only for a moment. My two oldest grand sons, twins, they have just turned 16, YIKES!!!!!

It seems only yesterday that I watched them enjoying them pick flowers from GiGi's garden. I always allowed them to do that because those were some of my own most precious memories, picking flowers in my grandmothers garden. Such special memories and I hope these little guys remember them as well.
The snapdragons were as tall as they were and they were so very sweet.
And through the years they have given us so much joy. Just the other day as we were celebrating their 16th birthday with a family birthday dinner, one of them said to me, "GiGi, do you remember when Grand Dad used to have those talks with us on the bottom of the stairs?" Grand Dad probably started that when they were two years old and I was shocked and amazed that they remembered that. He dispensed with it when he thought they had gotten too old for it but yet I truly think they really enjoyed those talks at the bottom of the stairs and they should resume. They must have solved the problems of the world during those talks but little did Grand Dad know just how much they paid attention???? They should resume, me thinks.
Here they are at 16 years old, oh my how they have changed but I am reminded that time does indeed go by sooooooooooo quickly. They are in high school now and we are so very proud of BOTH of them. Hopefully, they will move on to college wherever that takes them but I'm not wanting to move that along too quickly. We will be content enjoying each and every special moment in their lives. They are our first grand kidlets and they are so very special to both of us.
A photo with their mom and dad, they can be very successful young men. They are equipped with capabilities to do just that. We are indeed proud grand parents.