Sunday, September 22, 2013

More photos of Little Turner

A few weeks ago we welcomed our newest grand child . She is our seventh and probably our last . We are so thrilled to have Turner Elizabeth , the second little girl for my daughter and son in law . Turner has a two year old "BIG" sister too .

This particular day was a family celebration , Grand Dad's birthday . The whole family came to share in the celebration . He particularly enjoyed holding Little Turner . The name Turner is a family name , my mother in laws maiden name . I thought it would be hard to get used to the name for a little girl but I have found that it fits .

She is so tiny , only six pounds when she was born but is now up to seven pounds . She was born three weeks early and she is such a good baby . She just eats and sleeps and has brought so much JOY to all of our lives .

When they are at our home I rarely get to hold Little Turner . "BIG" sister gets most of my attention and she should be wearing a sign saying , "Watch me closely" . As I said , she is two . As you can see , she is singing and clapping while our dog is howling . Makes for  never a dull moment .


by Earline Brasher
Sometimes I really do wonder ,
Why they are called grand ?
Then I know A Loving Grandmother ,
Can always fully understand .
You get that important phone call ,
You have waited for so long ,
Excitement really kicks in ,
As you arrive and rush down the hall .
You see that precious baby ,
Gender really doesn't matter at all ,
It brings back many memories ,
Of when your children were so small .
You congratulate the parents ,
As you see mother and baby are o.k. ,
You know without a doubt ,
This was done in own God's way .
Many sacrifices made along the way ,
Are very much worthwhile ,
When you see that sweet little face ,
And that bright cheery smile .
Time rocks on as they grow and grow ,
Then comes their future , rushing too and fro ,
They will always be our babies ,
If anyone should ask ,
They are all very Special ,
From the first one to the last !!!!