Friday, July 31, 2020

Garden Fleurs

I admit to hydrangeas being one of my favorite flowers and in my garden I have an abundance of them at the moment. One of the many joys of summer. There is nothing more delightful than cutting blooms from the garden to brighten the indoors.
 Of course, the blue hydrangeas go in any room in my home.

This is a view from my back door and I am of the opinion that back door guests are best so what could be more welcoming than a wee bouquet of flowers. I don't quite understand why but the pink hydrangea was cut from the same bush as the blue one although it does have a pinkish tone. Difference in the soil but I didn't amend the soil to make pink blooms.
I love this vignette, the lamp is probably the oldest and most valuable lamp in my home. I have had many dealers try to buy it from me when I have taken it into a lamp shop to replace the shade but it has special significance to me. At least 40 years ago I bought it at an antique show that I went to with my mother whom we lost long ago. I could never part with this lamp it conjures up very happy memories.
I think these hydrangeas are particularly beautiful. The container had a candle in it when I first bought it and I rarely throw out interesting containers. They too have a usefulness from time to time.

Garden flower bouquets I believe are the loveliest of bouquets in my opinion. Here in our living room I cut some agapanthus. I love the tall stems and of course, again blue.

My garden is a fulfilling JOY to me almost year round especially when I can cut blooms to bring indoors. I hope you can do the same but if not there are so many ways to bring nature indoors. It will brighten your surroundings.

Enjoy the remainder of your day, Carolyn