Saturday, March 29, 2014

My most recent needlepoint piece, a Pillow

I have found an alternative way to post photos on my blog. I'm not sure if I should be doing it this way but I am going to try this. For those of you viewing my blog for the first time, I have for several months now not been able to post on my blog because of what I think to  be an automatic security update on my computer. Since I haven't found how to fix this issue I have now tried to circumvent the issue. I even started a new blog elsewhere but was not happy with it so I have continued to try to work on trying to work on the issues preventing me to blog on my original blog since I do love blogging here. Having said all of that, read on to my most recent blog post.

One of my favorite hobby's is needlepoint. It is therapy for me not to mention that I always need to have something to do with my hands even while watching TV in the evening. I had been working on this particular piece for a very long time. Needlepoint can often be very time consuming. I was so pleased when I finally completed the needlepoint of  this piece. I had intended it to be a gift for my daughter but OOPS, I liked it so much that I decided to keep it for myself.
 photo photo_zps6af0682e.jpg
 I was thrilled at what I had made when I had it made into a pillow. I simply couldn't part with it. So much of the enjoyment for me is deciding how to put it together with trim, outer fringe and of course, a fabric to back it with. It can sometimes be a daunting task but I was very pleased with my choices. It kind of reminded me of a piece that you might find in a MacKenzie-Child's collection. I do collect MacKenzie-Child's pieces so this worked so well.

 photo photo_zpsfe6e2350.jpg

This photo really does not do it justice, the fringe around the outer edge is a lime green. Since I wanted to make the pillow a little bit larger I decided to outline the needlepoint piece with a cording that picks up the colors of the piece itself, a red and green. The fabric is a black and white houndstooth and the same fabric was used on the back. I am very pleased with the finished look and there is always a feeling of accomplishment when you come to the end of a project.

Do any of you do some kind of needlework. If so you do know that feeling of accomplishment. Thank you for visiting my blog. I have been so unsure if I would be able to continue blogging.

I will soon be sharing more of this room since I have been busy doing some redecorating in this room as well. A few changes here and there always lifts ones spirits. Change is a "good thing".