Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Continuing with Fall decorating

I am slowly adding Fall decorations, two weeks ago I shared my new Fall "WELCOME" sign and I had been waiting on my new wreath that my daughter was making for me. I was thrilled with the results.

My daughter and I had gone to our local Hobby Lobby and I  bought what she needed to put my  Fall wreath together for me. I think she is very talented and just yesterday she got six requests to make similar wreaths after showing some friends a picture of my wreath hanging on my front door. I was more than a little pleased with this wreath she had made for me.

Tomorrow I will make a stop at my favorite nursery to pick up some mums for my front steps and I will have completed my Fall decorating for my front porch. I continue to slowly spruce up inside with Fall décor and will share soon.

We are now beginning to enjoy some cooler temperatures in our area of North Florida so it is beginning to feel more like Fall here as well.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall Decorating

Here in our area of Florida it is still soooooooo HOT and HUMID . We probably won't get much relief for a while yet but after Labor Day I can't help but add some Fall décor even though it doesn't feel much like Fall . Fall is my most favorite time of the year . Not only do I enjoy the warm colors of Fall but it is also a time of year when I  do most of my planting in the garden which is why it is my most favorite time of the year , bulbs , snapdragons , pansies , etc .

A few weeks ago my daughter and I were in Hobby Lobby and they had just put out some Fall decorations . We came upon a painted tin pumpkin that could be either hung or sat on a table since it had a tin stand on the back . I loved the colors of this piece and wanted to hang it by my front door . My daughter who is also an artist told me she would paint "WELCOME" on it for me . I have absolutely no talent in that area .

This is my front entrance , the etched center glass piece was in our original door . My husband had given it to me for an anniversary gift many years ago before we moved into our house that we were building at the time . Not too long ago we decided to have a new door and sidelights made and the carpenter suggested that he remove the etched glass piece and place it in the new door . Of course, I was in agreement since it had been a gift to me from my husband . Not only did it have sentimental value but the carpenter told me that they are just not made like this anymore . When we had this door made we had it made out of solid mahogany and the etched piece I thought was perfect . I always use iron door mats at each exterior entrance . I think it adds to that older "look" I am always after or maybe I should say an overall look of a sense of history . After 34 years our home definitely has a history now .
And here is the close up of my new "WELCOME" sign for Fall .  I thought it was adorable and even better that my daughter had a hand in it .
I am slowly adding Fall décor but this is the first piece displayed . All of which will remain up through Thanksgiving until I begin decorating for Christmas . Have you begun to change out Summer décor to Fall ?